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I made the decision to go into business in 1999, by answering an ad in college.  I quickly discovered that the fastest way to true freedom, is to go into business for yourself.  The fastest way to go into business for yourself is to join a network marketing. I attempted network marketing many years ago after answering an ad on campus that advertised life-changing promises. Unfortunately, I didn't know what I was doing, and was only getting supplements, and not making any of the promised cash.  Heck, I wasn't even taking the supplements, hahaha.  How would I explain the benefits, if I refused to take them myself?  I knew network marketing held the key, years ago, but I let life get in the way, as you are well aware, “Life can be so lifey!”.

You see, I knew that I was tired of making other's dreams come true.  Working 60+ hours a week most weeks for “Business Required Overtime”.  Hahahaha, that was the joke in my previous job.  They could not bring themselves to say “Mandatory Overtime”, so they substituted with “Business Required”. The “choice” was your's.  Either you do the overtime, or get written up.

Maybe your story is the same.  You have someone controlling when you can take off from work.  When you can go on vacation. When you can take a break.  How long your breaks are.  How long your lunch will be for the day.  My husband had to go on vacations without me, because I was stuck at work with no vacation time.

But now, my story is changing…

So fast forward to today.  Now I have a network marketing company that I can 1000% stand behind.  You should find one too.  But not only that, I also found a system that shows me step by step how to generate leads on autopilot, AND what to do when you have the leads.  Let me share with you a secret, the system also advertises my network marketing to my prospects for me.  Therefore, I only have to contact those who want to contact me.

After discussing with my wonderful husband, we decided it was better to follow my passion full time. And now I can say that I am an entrepreneur, with a passion for Network Marketing. I love traveling, and meeting new friends. If you would like to learn how to jump-start your Network Marketing or further develop the skills you already possess, drop me an email at KathyK@KathyKhanna.com and let’s see where I can help. If you would like to join my team, let me know, and we will get you started.

Let’s Join Forces!

To Your Success,

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